ART-DOMINO® is more than a gallery, because this individual art concept is much more about experiencing art. The Berlin-based artist Sabine Welz translates urban motifs and sights from all over the world and produces beautiful, unique pictures in Pop Art style. The special thing is that you can put together the pictures according to your favorite color and city yourself either directly in the store or online on the website. Also custom-made with your own motives are of course no problem.

But we find that Pop Art is no longer just on the wall, but on the table, on the fridge and on the back. That's why at ART-DOMINO® there are also porcelain-cups, magnets, magnet-pictures, bags, postcards and beer mats - of course all produced in Pop Art and in Germany. The concept is constantly being expanded to include new cities, motifs and products to make all walls, apartments and offices in the world more colorful and individual.